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20 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Christmas is the time for giving gifts and even if you’ve opted for a simple “secret Santa” arrangement it can often be tough to figure out just what to get the people you work with. While you might see these people every day you may not really know them well. Christmas gifts should be thoughtful yet remain fairly impersonal unless you’re good friends and then you probably already know what to get them.

EcoFarms Vegetable Seed Kit

Unless they live in a little apartment they probably have a garden. This little kit is a great starter for someone with a small garden. Seeds are heirloom variety so they can be replanted year after year. This is a gift that will keep giving and give them the ability to grow their own food.

Rustic Snowflake décor

For the shabby chic enthusiast, these gorgeous little snowflakes are the perfect holiday décor. Ideal for the cubicle or at him this art piece is a unique item that steps outside the box. Recycled wood and handmade means no two are exactly alike (just like real snowflakes).

Queens Will Rule

For the GoT enthusiast, this is a cute and fun way to remind them who’s boss. An adorable pink crown backs the rather ominous message, when you see this you’ll know that you had better give the queen her due.

Sweet Gourmet Gift Basket

Christmas and popcorn are old friends and this basket (technically themed boxes) stacks up popcorn and treats in an elegant holiday arrangement. Includes personal message. These boxes look elegant and far more expensive than they are and you can also customize the color.

Spa Gift Set

These adorable bird houses come in a variety of scents and colors. Ideal for any occasion but especially appreciated at Christmas. Choose a scent to match their personality and let them enjoy a relaxing time during the holiday chaos.

Keep Calm Administrative Assistant Notebook

Keep Calm merchandise is very popular and this is a great coworker gift because you don’t have to wonder who to give it to. Admin assistants are important people, they help keep the office running smoothly and should be appreciated too.

Cubicle Guest Book

A fun way to welcome people to the office this little book invites people to leave encouraging messages to help you through the day. With pretty gold foil lettering and a leather-like binding, it looks classy and won’t clutter up the space.

Tin Mailbox Gift Set

What better way to liven up their inbox than by turning it into a festive mailbox. With a sweet gift inside these are the right size for standard letters and can also be used as storage. Four festive designs with a pack of holiday candy to choose from.

Esensco Great News Mug

An amusing gift that has amusing journalism humor. Perfect for a news company or someone who likes joke mugs. It also comes wrapped in newspaper to go with the theme and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

White Stone Health Balls

Used by the ancient Chinese for stress relief these balls help increase dexterity, improve circulation, and provide a way to focus the mind. The balls are rotated in hand giving a soft sound that helps you relax as you go through the motion.

Adult coloring Books

Coloring is very popular at the moment as a way to relax and improve memory. The repetitive action and soothing patterns allow the mind to empty and can improve focus. A set of three geometric designs means these are unisex and not too “girly” as many flower patterned ones can be.

Serene Spa Bath Bombs

Give your coworker a relaxing treat with this set of 6 luxury bath bombs. Filled with moisturizing oils and a selection of scents they’ll be able to kick back and let it go (so they can come to work in a better mood!). Handmade and arrives in its own presentation box.

Dammit Doll

Office stress is no joke and Christmas can be especially stressful. This little head will give them something to squeeze, smash, or scream at rather than their coworkers. Several styles and designs available so you can tailor it to their tastes and cubicle décor.

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Essential oils are very popular at the moment and this allows them to wear whatever scent they choose on a locket. A 24” chain means it fits all and the hypoallergenic surgical steel prevents any allergic reaction from the jewelry.

A lovely chiffon scarf that comes in a variety of colors. They’ll be able to wear this to work and accessorize. Made of the thinnest, gauze chiffon it has a unique and elegant design that will delight them and make you seem like you spent far more.

Fred & Friends Borrow Pens

Everyone loves stealing office pens but they might get a little surprise stealing these. With rude joke businesses printed on them they might hurry to give it back before they’re spotted with such an embarrassing item. Easy to spot and fun to “steal” around the office to see how far they get.

TeeStars Best Boss T-Shirt

Available in 5 colors and different sizes this will fit whoever you have as a boss. While you might think it’s a joke they’ll feel loved and trendy. Probably not office attire it will more than likely show up on casual Friday.

CASETIME Neoprene Lunch Set

A convenient combination set available in a selection of prints. The material insulates to keep things hot or cold and is also wipe clean inside. Ideal for those who want to “brown bag” it in style. Also comes with bottle for soups or drinks.

Personalized Business Card Holder

A modern and smart way to display business cards or simply store them. You can customize the name/message on the front. The wood and acrylic design is simple and classy so it will fit onto any desk.

Mini Snowflake Stocking Ornament

A cute little ornament to put on their desktop tree or to take home. These are monogrammed with a matching snowflake and hand enameled crystal. Small but beautiful they’re sure to love it.

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