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19 Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Whether it’s simple wanderlust or the fact that they just don’t want to sit still and rust we all know that one person who is just never home. Travelers are incredibly easy to buy gifts for because they never have the comforts of home with them. Christmas might be the only time that you see them so if you’re getting a gift then it has to be good.

1000 Places to see before you die

While they might have a list of their own, this book probably has a few to add to it that they may never have thought of. A number one bestseller this is a travel book that covers beautiful sights, fun activities, and unforgettable experiences that covers the earth from pole to pole.

Travel cubes Organizer

Packing is such a chore, and it seems like there’s never an easy way to get everything organized without having millions of plastic bags. This set is convenient and lets you pack for any size luggage so you can just pop it in and go. Finding your items quickly without unpacking is easy because you know which bag to check.

Knock Knock Pad

Everyone has left home and forgotten something before. No matter how seasoned of a traveler you are this list will help you get everything before you leave. A checklist of the essentials and the not so essentials you can arrive without having forgotten things and know what you should have on the way home.

RFID Blocking Wallet

A discreet wallet that can carry everything securely and protect against theft. The wallet has a strap to attach it to your person and is moisture resistant to protect against water and sweat. A lifetime guarantee means this is a must for the traveler who wants to keep their valuable documents protected.

Ticket Stub Organizer

We love to have mementos when we go anywhere and these books are perfect for storing stubs, photos, pamphlets and more to remember their journeys. With acid-free plastic and archival paper items will be safe for years to look back on.

Leather Passport Holder

A lovely way to carry and store that ugly passport. This quality item is ideal for keeping important documents together and looks expensive. The RFID blocking lining also means no one can steal their information.

Point it Travelers Language Kit

Whenever traveling to a foreign land it’s always a good idea to have a few words of local lingo handy but for those words you don’t know, this picture book allows you to point to the item you need and get the reply. Conveniently sized this is perfect for those far away trips.

Robrasim Vintage Leather Journal

A gorgeous journal for your traveler to document their experiences and sights. Available in 4 colors and small enough to take anywhere. It’s also got a card holder inside to conceal ID or cards without carrying a wallet.

St. Christopher Medallion

The patron saint of travelers is sure to protect then on their journeys with this. Wearable or attachable as a key chain this is ideal to remind them of home and make them feel special. At only 1 1/8” diameter it’s small enough and light enough to go anywhere they can.

Scratch Map

The perfect way to mark off their travels when they get home the scratch map allows them to mark off where they’ve been and where they have yet to go. A large size means it’s easy to see every country and mark them off.

Hictech Squeezable Bottles

With the limits on liquids and what you can bring with these are the ideal size for travel. They’ve also got a convenient suction cup to organize them in the shower and you can refill them. Carry-on approved and packed with their own carry bag.

Pewter Traveler Necklace

In a beautiful presentation box, this antiqued necklace looks classy and is perfect for the traveler. Handcrafted, you can also customize the charms so it’s perfect for your specific traveler.

Folding Backpack

Convenient and portable it always helps to have a spare bag with you. Since this folds up small it’s perfect for fitting in extra items you can’t get into your luggage. Water resistant, and durable it’s almost weightless so you don’t have to worry about limits.

Super Charger Solar Charger

We have all been somewhere when our battery ran out and had nowhere to charge it. This gadget ensures that even when they’re lost in the jungle they can still charge their phone and call home. Compatible with all smartphones it can also be charged via USB.

Zaca Recovery Supplement

Traveling can be tiring and it’s often impossible to look your best or feel good when you’re on the go. These supplements contain electrolytes and antioxidants to help replenish them after their journey so they’re ready to go when they get there.

Ody Travel Locks

These durable locks are TSA approved so you can guarantee their stuff won’t get stolen. Locks are a great small stocking-stuffer gift that can be used for multiple reasons even if they decide to give up traveling.

World Map Bangle

An ideal reminder of how much there is to see out there. This artistic bangle is unique and perfect for someone who wants to see the whole world. In fact, they can, right here on their wrist! At 1.5” wide it’s small enough not to be obnoxious and it’s made of sturdy brass.

Security Door Brace

We have all stayed somewhere where we questioned our safety, but with this portable brace, you know that your door is secure from intruders. It fits in the palm of the hand so it’s ideal to pack and go and requires no keys to remember or combinations. Works on all inward swinging doors.

How to S$#t around the world

Cleanliness can be difficult when you’re traveling and this guide to staying clean while you’re out and about which is why this is such an essential guide. A frank guide to avoiding parasites and disease while you’re away from home. This is the guide you hope you never need but really do.

EarthPak Dry Bag

Ideal for those heading to more remote destinations this will protect valuables and delicate items for moisture and dirt. With sizes up to 30L, there’s plenty of space for everything. They even come in a variety of different colors for fun or functionality.


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