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20 Going Away Gifts for Coworkers

Whether you love them or hate them it’s polite to provide a gift when your coworkers leave. This is often a time when they are celebrating for starting a new chapter in their lives. For people you often see more than your families, it can be tough what to get them. You want something fun and unique that isn’t too expensive but doesn’t go over the top. Whether they’re retiring or simply moving on, these gifts are great for all occasions.

Personalized Retirement Plaque

Personalize with your coworker’s name and a poem about how they will be missed. A classy black frame suits the relaxing image inside and makes this look like a far more expensive gift. Ideal to give as a group and ready to hang.

No, I Will Not Mug

Perfect for the computer tech that is leaving your coworker will no longer fix anything for you when asked which makes this mug an ideal joke. Printed on both sides and at 13oz this is big enough and bold enough for the biggest cup of coffee they need. A great conversation starter for their new job or at home.

Queens Will Rule

For the GoT enthusiast or the lady who is getting a promotion. This mug is a great conversation piece that is official merchandise. Microwave and dishwasher safe with a cute crown design and empowering message.

Office Citation Pad

50 notes to let the minions, I mean employees, know where they’re going wrong. Ideal for the passive aggressive these notes are the utmost in office stickler etiquette. From the silly to the true there’s a citation here for just about everyone you know and recognize.

Spa Gift Set

A little bird told you they were leaving so you got them a little birdhouse filled with goodies. With a choice of scents, there are lotions, poofs, creams, and wash products. Gift wrapped with a bow and ready to give.

Thank You Stylus Pen

Engraved with thank you the pen has a stylus and LED light as well as a working pen. Available in 5 colors they can use this everywhere. Comes in its own presentation box so they know how special they have been.

Cubicle Guest Book

An ideal joke for someone moving to another office, when people stop by to say hi have them write a message! A cute office keepsake that they can take with when moving on that welcomes others to their space and encourages them to interact.

Thank You Basket

A colorful basket full of goodies that is pretty and fun without being overly personal. This food basket has a mix of cookies, chocolates, and truffles that are eyecatchingly presented and tasty. Comes in two sizes, trimmed in flowers and ribbons.

Esensco Great News Mug

An amusing gift that has tongue in cheek journalism humor. Dishwasher and microwave safe this is ideal for the person who has every mug already. The witty sentiment is packed with newspaper too to add to the theme.

Coldstone Gift Cards

Some people consider gift cards to be impersonal, but who doesn’t like ice cream! With 14,00 locations and tons of flavors to choose from, these will always be appreciated. Combine them with others to suit their tastes.

Adult coloring Books

Coloring has been shown to promote relaxation, reduce stress and provide a creative outlet. These have been scientifically proven as a way to chill out and improve motor skills at the same time. Ideal for someone who will “need something to do”!

Beach Art Print

There’s nothing more relaxing than the beach and this print of children enjoying it is sure to add to any empty wall space. With sizing options and a signature by the artist, this is ready to hang and can even be framed.

Dammit Doll

A fun stress head to sit on their desk which will allow them to vent. Handmade and durable enough to stand up to a mean squeeze it can be thrown if necessary! A great alternative to the boring stress ball it can also keep a secret and won’t pass on any gossip you tell!

Baby Gift Basket

Expectant mothers are very easy to get gifts for, especially if it’s their first. This basket has a selection of duck-themed items in gender neutral colors. All clothes 0-9months so they will last a little. Washcloths, a bath kit, and their first piggy (or duck) bank so they can start saving for college immediately.

Novelty Admirals Hat

We all know that person who says they’re giving it up to live on a boat or go fishing. This is the perfect joke gift for them with a nautical embroidered pattern. Made of thin cotton and with a large visor it will keep cool even in the sunniest climates or wherever they sail.

amp; Friends Borrow Pens

If there’s one office crime more frequent than anything it’s pen stealing. These novelty pens come from “businesses” they may not want to advertize. They risk getting themselves embarrassed for stealing these pens.

Silver Plated Bracelet

A cute bracelet that has a good weight and comes with its own card. With adjustable rings and a girly theme, this is adorable without being too expensive. The card has an encouraging motto on it to “follow their dreams” perfect for any leaving occasion.

Candy Bouquet

Who doesn’t like snacks and candy? Marked with a birthday greeting you can edit the message to make it more personal and for the occasion. A selection of candy, cookies, and snacks arranged with flowers into a charming bouquet. Ten full sized candy bars plus smaller treats.

Retirement Schedule Mug

A funny mug to remind them that they’re now free to do whatever they want. Printed on both sides and microwave/dishwasher safe. A traditional looking and rather innocent mug until you start reading the message. Pair it with another or a nice bunch of flowers.

Personalized Business Card Holder

A classy looking desk accessory so they can have their new cards properly displayed. The name is etched on the front while the wood and acrylic design provides a smart and modern seating that will go with any office.

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