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20 High School Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

Con-grad-ulations! Your little girl is finally off to college and what better way to send her on her next big adventure than a present. You’ll want her to be super prepared for her new life but still remember her family. These gifts are everything from the cute to the convenient. While stocking her up on laundry soap and noodles is probably a necessity, giving her something else to welcome her through this scary transition may be just the reminder she needs once you head back home.

Classic Snacks Care Package

While you’re probably hoping she eats healthily, “bad” snacks can be the perfect pick-me-up for those home blues. Plus they can be a great icebreaker with her new friends. This is full of cookies, candy, and a variety of different things to keep her stocked, at least for a while.

U Chic:College Advice

A definitive guide to college for the new freshman, you can let her feel like she’s not alone. With scenarios she’ll encounter and what goes on in college that you do (and don’t) hope she encounters. Info on roommates, social life, safety, and the perks of college that she might otherwise miss.

KUROS! Pepper Spray

This is one of those gifts you hope she never needs to use, but if such a situation arises it’s better she’s prepared to defend herself. Pepper spray is legal on all campuses and this is police grade. The key chain means she can always carry it, and it’s easy to get to.

RamPro 11 Piece Tool Kit

Since you want her to be prepared there’s nothing more essential than a basic tool kit. Whether she needs to fix something, hang pictures, or for a class project she’ll probably need this whether she appreciates it or not. Tools are great and can last until she’s graduated. The pink color is cute but there’s a lot of tools here too.

Miss Bliss Care Package

A slightly smaller selection than the classic snacks package this is full of great treats and useful items like tape and tea. There’s also a personalized keepsake bookmark to remind her of home while she’s studying.

Honey Can Do Shower Tote

You can probably add this little item into a bigger package but it’s going to be the item she didn’t realize she needed. Dorm showers means not having your own space to store toiletries so carrying them back and forth can be a pain. Perfect for her to take everywhere and even to the gym when needed. Comes in a selection of colors so you know it will go well with the rest of her things!

LAGHCAT Mermaid Blanket

Something to snuggle with while she’s away, this is cute and fun. She’ll be the envy of other students with this and you can even pick what color and shape tail you want. If she’s not so much of a mermaid opt for the shark blanket instead!

ASUN Night Light

Being away from home can be scary at first. When she was little she had a night light to help and this is the grown up version. With seven colors and dimmable settings this is a multipurpose light that can also be used for camping, and to create an alternative to harsh dorm lights.

Safety Girl 21 Piece Kit

Whether she chooses to take a car or not this kit is an ideal “emergency” kit. With everything from hygiene products to snacks, this is a great way to make sure she’s prepared wherever she is. The cute saftety girl lunch box can also be reused once she’s finished with it.


Dorm showers are the perfect place for bacteria, fungus and other nasties to grow. You hope they are clean but with so many students in and out it’s impossible. These are perfect to help prevent her getting anything from walking into the shared bathroom barefoot. After all, there are more pores on her feet than on her hands and you wouldn’t want her hands on the toilet floor!

O.RIYA Bracelet Have Courage Stay Strong

The perfect reminder for when she’s feeling intimidated or scared, this little bangle will remind her of home and is a cute accessory. Hand hammered, it’s a lovely gift that comes in a pretty presentation box for her to keep it safe.

Limited Stash Wall Clock

While colleges will tell you it’s not a problem theft on campus can be pretty commonplace. She;s sharing a room with a stranger and you can never be too careful. This is also ideal for her to keep sensitive items and expensive gifts she doesn’t want left lying around. The perfect concealment place where no one will think to look.

Kaukko Backpack

Stylish and classy this pack will help her stay organized and make sure she’s got everything. Includes a notebook and pouches for water bottles it’s also waterproof so nothing will get wet or ruined in bad weather. The pack is durable and has padded straps for comfort. Comes in a variety of colors to suit her style and a warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Sewing Gear Sewing Kit

Another item that she won’t know she needs until she does. Sewing might not be her favorite hobby but when mom isn’t there to put buttons back on she’ll need the tools to do it herself. A convenient kit that has everything she needs for quick repairs.

The Hungover Cookbook

Students are known for their alcoholic antics and though you hope she’ll make good decisions at least with this book you know she won’t go hungry. Full of comfort foods and ways to help her navigate the next morning so she’s ready for class.

Tidalpool Clothes Dryer

She probably never realized how expensive laundry was until now. Help her save a few pennies by having this portable small dryer that will fit into her dorm room. It will also help keep her healthy as many viruses can live inside dryer lint and communal dryers.

Call Your Mom Pillow

While you’re tempted to think she’s not calling because something is wrong she’s probably too busy having fun. This will remind her to check in and look great on her bed. It will also give her something to hold on to from home when times are rough.

Make It Happen Wall décor

A cute reminder that she can do anything, this is a great way to decorate her room and motivate her when things get tough. Handmade, and only 8×10” this will fit in no matter what her decorating style.

Photoclip String Lights

With 16 clips to attach pictures of home, her room will look snazzy and make her feel like you’re there with her. With a USB plug and power adapter she can even hook it up to her laptop without the need for batteries but you can also use them if there’s no plug nearby. At 15 feet it will fit even the largest dorm room.

Dammit Doll

This cute doll will help her get through those tough, frustrating moments when she just wants to scream. Classic stress relief this is ideal for venting and getting it all out. Just what she needs to maintain her mental health. It even comes in a variety of colors so it will just look like any other toy in case someone looks.

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