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20 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couples

Housewarming gifts are a great way to welcome your new friends into the neighborhood or to congratulate them on the move. Gifts can often end up being useless or not to the couple’s taste so it’s a good idea to do a little research on the couple first and see what sort of things they like, especially if you’re not close friends. However, there are some gifts that are guaranteed to be a hit!

“May This Home” Chalkboard Typography Sign

For most people, a new home is a blessing and this piece of wall décor is a great way to remind them of that and make them feel loved every time they look at it. Since it’s a wall hanging it’s perfect for couples so they can both see it and appreciate its message.

Flameless LED Candles

This is a great present for a couple you’re not very familiar with. Everybody likes candles and these are a safe alternative, especially for those with children. The remote makes them very convenient to control and they’re made of real wax so they look much more expensive than most.

Cheese Board Set

While not everyone is into wine and cheese most people don’t actually own a cheese set to even be able to try! Cheese sets are quite a unique item and this one has a lot of extras to make it fun. The style is pretty nondescript so it should work with any home décor.

Roulette Drinking Game

For the couple that loves games and to party this is a great choice as it lets them play together and can include the guests. You might even liven up their housewarming and get to play with it yourself. Alternate with beer or liquor for a different game each time.


A set of provocative conversation starters that will entertain your host and hostess. These are a great addition to any party and will help break the ice. This is great if your hosts love games or if there’s going to be people they don’t know well coming over it will help break the ice.

Linon Home Decor Tray Table Set

While most people don’t tend to choose furniture for housewarming gifts these convenient tray tables are an ideal present for people who like to have an option for the table but don’t want it there permanently. They’re classy, look expensive, and easy to store. These are great for a housewarming party because there’s never enough tables.

Coaster Snack Table

This nifty table is something both can enjoy, it’s convenient and not something you’ll find out and about. These actually come in several designs so you can match the couple’s décor. These are also great if the couple has kids since they can be used for snacks.

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

These copper mugs are fun and unique. Even if your couple doesn’t drink these are perfect for other drinks and chocolate or a couple who likes artisan items since they are handmade. These have a stainless lining which prevents the copper taste from affecting the drink inside.

Housewarming Gift Basket

designed specifically for housewarming these are tailored to your couple so you can include anything you think they would like. These are ideal for housewarming not only because of the packaging and customization but because there’s little chance the couple won’t like it! Perfect.

His & Hers Keyholders

Perfect for couples these are an ideal way not to lose your keys. Let’s face it, we’ve all done it, so now your friends won’t have to have that problem every again. These are easy to install and the fact that there are no hooks means that they’re much safer.

Hamsa Amulet Wall Hanging

The evil eye or bad luck strikes us all on occasion and make cultures believe in providing some form of protection to the house so that you can prevent this. The Hamsa is an eastern symbol that offers such protection and wards against bad luck. Displaying this charm of protection is said to help keep those inside safe.

Home Sweet Home Sign

The perfect gift for a couple that has moved from one state to another. This is a great reminder of “home” that they can display and both enjoy together. Made of simple wood these can be painted to match any décor or left as is.

Bless This Home Poem

A small but meaningful gift, this is ideal for a new home, especially if your couple is religious. Everyone wants their home to be blessed and this sweet poem with its pretty graphic will match almost any décor. You can also frame it for them for a finished feel which will make this look like a much more expensive gift.

Engraved Medium Maple Cutting Board

For a truly personal gift, this beautiful board is ideal. You don’t have to choose custom graphics though as the basic board is still beautiful and reminds the couple that their home is a great place to be. The included stand also means that even if they don’t want to use it they can still display it as an art piece. Ideal for the couple who likes to cook or who loves to decorate their home with meaningful items.

Knock Knock Guest Book

While guest books are usually for large functions this miniature version is ideal just to welcome guests. This beautiful book looks classy and it also rather amusing in its grading system. A good gift as a joke or for someone who really wants to know what their guests think.

No Soliciting Sign

Let’s face it no one likes people who knock on the door unless they’ve got something you want. This handmade sign is perfect and amusing for keeping those people at bay. Ideal for those who like craft items or who just want something cute to put on the porch.

Great Arrivals Gift Basket

A unique basket shaped like a house! It’s cute and full of chocolate to share as well as other snack goodies. You can also check out similar baskets from the same seller in different colors to match the new home!

Pre de Provence French Soap Box

An ideal set of quality milled soaps that everyone can enjoy, these have herb scents and gentle scents as well as florals for couples. No animal testing and using shea butter these are decadent and packaged prettily. Your hosts will love them.

Welcome Home Care Package

A great joke present this is full of everyday needs. While your family settles in they’ll probably be looking for items so this is the perfect way for them not to have to hunt until everything is unpacked. With male and female items this is a great way to get in your neighbor’s good books.

Tea Forte Presentation Box

A lovely assortment of blends this is a great way for your new neighbors to relax at home. Twenty blends in a lovely presentation box look smart and expensive. If they’re not tea aficionados then you’ll at least be able to enjoy them when you stop by.

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